I have worked with many coaches over the years and Justin is one of the best. I found his combination of  the latest in neurological stress reduction and performance improvement  techniques with the up to date executive coaching approaches invigorating.  The stresses I took into each session were readily dissolved by the end.  These sessions left me in a relaxed and alert state enabling me to have the clarity necessary to undertake the tasks I previously thought insurmountable.  Not only was there an immediate improvement in performance, but the emotional and physiological control techniques I was taught enabled me to reduce my stress and think clearly whenever I was under pressure.

Tim Kirkman

Chief Commercial Officer, Be Learning

Testimonial Justin O’Brien

“Through his in-depth and practical knowledge of Neuro Coaching techniques, Justin has helped me to better manage my stress levels and even more importantly taught me how to bring life back into perspective when facing demanding challenges.  As a trained executive coach I thought I had these things under control, but it was the underlying “science” of Neuro coaching and Justin’s “art” of engagement that really created the shift for me.  The techniques are simple but powerful and easy to use in everyday life.  I cannot recommend Justin highly enough to those that are seriously wanting to discover the benefits of this leading edge and powerful coaching strategy.”

 Ant Youds





I enjoyed the program immensely and was very challenged by the process. I now more fully appreciate the need for emotional connection and engagement of the audience and also how presenting skills can be really enhanced through acting, rhythm and performance exercises

Greg Jones

Consultant Hydro Tasmania

I got a lot out of the program. I think the best thing for me was being able to identify with and respond to the different reactions of the audience and what fertile ground emotional connection is. I thought the group size was good, and the diversity valuable

Mick Howland

Environmental Engineer Hydro Tasmania

Very useful course with easy practical application

Karen O’Keefe – Caltex

Justin is an excellent presenter and made the day fly by.  Very informative witty and engaging

Tyrone Marega –  Ergon Energy

I found the workshop useful – thankyou. Good combination of presentation and practical

Katina Trout Incitec Pivot

Really useful in helping me articulate a complicated task

Andy Moore Sydney Water

A lot of material presented.  It was great but the luxury of the great amount of time required to put such a presentation together is not always available.  It has however provided very valuable approaches and principles

Janine  Sheringham Abi Group

This sort of value add educational forum is a great addendum to the CEB offer

Steve Paton AGL

Challenging Concept – very much enjoyed

Mark Eckerman BlueScope

Good session, well worthwhile

Peter Sullivan Incitec Pivot

Interesting course and excellent food for thought, I hope that we can try this at our company

Bob Sherman Telstra

Great materials – very useful.

Alethea Reid ANZ

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