Participants needed for a pilot study into team performance using HRV

We are looking to conduct a pilot study into the effectiveness of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) coaching on a team of 5 people.

What is it?

HRV gives us insights into our health and performance both inside and outside work. These insights are vast as evidenced by the 50k scientific papers currently in circulation. Jason Moore from Elite HRV gives an excellent overview of the topic and its applications on the Elite HRV website (Moore 2018).

Why do we want to do this?

HRV coaching has been done successfully on individuals in business, elite sports, medicine and even cosmonauts. We want to understand whether collecting the HRV data on a team can be an effective tool for improving performance. 

What’s involved?

This study would involve the following:

  • Five team members who are motivated to undertake the study.
  • Data is automatically uploaded to a team dashboard.
  • Individuals are identified by letters, not names – so results are confidential.
  •  The coach knows the identity of the individuals so feedback can be given.
  • Weekly or as needed analysis and individual feedback.
  • Duration would be two months as the data becomes more meaningful over the longer term.

What’s in it for the team?

Events in an organisation such as redundancies, promotions, positive or negative announcements, restructure or even no change, will affect individuals and their performance.  The measurement of the effects of these events go mostly unmeasured or are measured too late, resulting in sub-optimal decisions by the business or individuals.

By gaining these insights instantaneously corrective actions can put in place now as opposed to months down the track.

For individuals who pay close attention to their results they can use the data to eat better, exercise better and adjust their lifestyle to perform better overall.

What’s the cost?

The coaching would be no charge. However, the devices will need to be purchased at a cost approximately $180.00 each.

Next Step

If you have a team who would be motivated to participate in this study, please contact me on 0400023430 or


Moore, J 2018, What is Heart Rate Variability? – Elite HRV, @elitehrv, viewed 12 December, <;.

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