Build a Coach

As I mentioned in my last post “Coaches can make and save you a fortune”, training without coaching is a waste of money.  If you think by sending someone on a course that all their needs will be fixed and they will return to work a new person you’re kidding yourself.

I would like to propose that in addition to engaging a professional coach you build your own.  Once again this doesn’t mean sending them on a course and expecting them to become super coaches when they come back – this is not going to happen.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Make being a coach part of an individual’s KPI’s and weighted as important.
  2. Enrol them in a well-regarded coaching program conducted over a time period of time 12 – 18 months – not just 3 days.  This way the learning can be practised, discussed and embedded.
  3. Conduct supervision. Every month of every year coaches come together to discuss their coaching progress under the supervision of an external qualified coach.
  4. Professional development.  Ensure that professional development is undertaken each year that enhances their coaching skills.
  5. Evaluate their coaching effectiveness through a 360 review feedback mechanism.

Coaching is one of the skills a manager needs to have, and with it many benefits can be realised:

  • Difficult people become easier to deal with
  • Teams become more empowered and motivated
  • Sick/stress leave declines
  • Productivity increases

You can allocate the savings against each of these and they add up very quickly.

So in addition to engaging professional external coaches, consider building your own!

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