Welcome to The High Performance People Group

We help executives and managers increase effectiveness, improve communication skills and learn the art of coaching.   We do this through coaching and facilitating them and their teams to ultimately perform at their peak under pressure . At the same time they win more business, get proposals accepted, become less stressed, have greater clarity for better decisions and are more connected.

Areas of expertise

Coaching. We work one on one to help achieve specific objectives defined by you.  This may be performance based, motivational, skill based or part of a leadership program. The structure of the sessions depends on your needs. In the case of leadership development the sessions can be highly structured and planned out well in advanced. In the case of motivation or performance sometimes the sessions start off structured and become more fluid as the underlying issues come to the surface.  An underpinning of all our work is understanding the effect different stresses have on our performance.  We are one of the few coaches who use and understand Heart Rate Variability to determine and control stress.

Resilience Workshops. In these workshops we look briefly at the latest theory behind stress and then most importantly strategies that you can use to help deal with the stressful events that you experience day to day.

We encourage participants to think about these stress reduction methods as serving two functions:

  1. Restorative: to reduce the unpleasant and unhealthy emotional effects of stressful events that have already occurred and
  2. Preventative: to help you avoid succumbing to stress in the first lace (or at least buffer against and reduce the impact of upcoming inevitably stressful events).

By the end of the workshop it is our objective to help participants feel more resilient, resourceful and confident in their ability to handle stress.

Coach the Coach. Our jobs as managers and executives require us to have many conversations with our team members.  Some of these will be coaching conversations. On one hand coaching conversations can be very direct and instructional in nature, used when we are helping to develop a new skill for example. On the other hand we have conversations that are all about enabling the coachee to find solutions to their own problems.  Both types of conversations and all those in-between are the subject of this program.

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